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SLM Aarhus is Jutland's only club for men who likes men - focusing on the masculine expression.

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Membership A, B and C
Member Discounts A members benefits
House Regulations
History The history of SLM-Aarhus
Board members The current board members
Articles of Association The Articles of Association for SLM-Aarhus (in danish)

Contact Info

Our Address :

SLM Aarhus
Østbanetorvet 8, st. th.
8000 Aarhus C
At the bottom of this page you will find us on Google Maps.

Phone number : +45 8619 1089 The phone is usually answered only during opening hours.
The management of SLM-Aarhus can be contacted by mail at the following addresses:

Generel Contact


General Opening Hours

The club is open every Friday and Saturday between 21:00 and 04:00.
The doors might be closed for new guests at 02:00 on Fridays and Saturdays depending on activity.
On theme nights it depends on the event when the doors are closed. Check the calendar.

Sundays and Thursdays events have different opening hours: Check the calendar.


SLM-Aarhus is an association with its own club.
Only members have access to the club's premises and bar.

As a first-time visitor you can register as a B- or C-member.

The B-membership is a kind of trial membership.
C is intended for short-stay-visitors and turists.

B-members pay 150 DKK for a 3 month membership. Membership must be renewed every 3 months for access to the club.
You can switch from B to A member after 6 months.

C-membership is 50 DKK and applies throughout the weekend of purchase.

A-members pay an annual fee of 400 DKK (2020). A-members recieve the following privileges:

  • "Co-owner" of the club - and right to participate and vote at the annual general assembly.
  • Access to ToE clubs in Copenhagen, Norway, Sweden, Finland and Estonia on favorable terms.
  • Membership discount from our partners.

If you want to switch from B to A membership, just tell the bar-staff, and they will provide the form.


As a member, no more entrance fees will be required for most of the club's events.
However, special events may require a small additional fee - for example sunday events.

Occasionally dining is organized for events such as WTF, Christmas lunch and New Year's Eve.
Payment is made in advance via online ticket purchase.

Discounts (A-members)

  • Book the club for your next party ! Details below,
  • Ekstra 5% discount at

Borrow the club for private party

A-members can borrow / rent the club for private events, parties and the like.
The time of the event must be in the period 17-21 on Fridays or Saturdays.
It is possible to arrange that the opening hours of SLM will be postponed until 21, 23, possibly 24 in special situations.
Otherwise there will be open to other guests from 21:00.
It is a precondition that the event does not collide with special fetish events that require activity in the premises before opening.

Contact either the President or any board member if you wish to book the club.

The person/s who lends the premises provides own catering - or makes an arrangement via SLM.
All drinks are bought at club prices - with 50% discount.
SLM provides a bartender, which is to be offered same dining as the other guests (though not at the table).

Crockery, cutlery, glasses etc. is available free of charge.
Cleanup: The place must be left in a clean condition - it also applies to the kitchen.

In the period 17-21, SLM does not set conditions for participants - though women will not be allowed access to the darkroom. After the completion of the private event at 21 (22, 23 or 24 by appointment), female participants must leave SLM. Men are welcome to hang out - as members.
Membership is offered at the bar.

There is a maximum of 35 dining in the club rooms.

House Regulations

We respect you for your sexuality, age, skin tone and way of life - as long as you show mutual respect.

As a member you are obliged to treat other members in accordance with a common grounding, which rests on mutual respect for the individual. In a sexual context, you are responsible for yourself and your fellow human beings. We therefore strongly encourage you to exercise safe sex only.

You must keep secrecy of other visitors' identity to third parties. You must adhere to the dress code.

Members must behave like they are: Men !!! Men in women's clothing are therefore not welcome in the club. Smoking takes place only in the smoking area. The club is our shared responsibility - so clean up after yourself ! Shouting and slamming of doors as well as loud behaviour when you come or leave the club are totally prohibited. Ensure that others also comply with generally good behavior. Otherwise, speak to the person concerned or to the bartender.

SLM-Aarhus is a non-profit organisation and subject to Danish legislation - this also applies to the law on euphoric substances.

Members who seriously violates the stipulated standards may be promptly expelled by the bar-staff who, within 8 days of the incident must brief the board, which then will determine if the member concerned will recieve a quarantine or be completely excluded.


We suggest these hotels - or find your hotel on your favorite booking portal.
Hotel Cabinn Aarhus
Hotel Wakeup Aarhus
Zleep Hotel, Viby
Zleep Hotel, Skejby

Private accommodation can occasionally be arranged.


Where to find us:

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Background & History

SLM Aarhus has existed since 1978.
The club, together with the Scandinavian fellow clubs, has previously been a member of the European Association ECMC, which counts approx. 40 clubs.
However, many of the clubs are exclusively motorcycle clubs, which was also the foundation of SLM Aarhus - Mens Club from the start.

Today SLM Aarhus is a member of the Nordic association Top of Europe, ToE. We are currently strengthening the Nordic cooperation on the fetish scene.

Today SLM Aarhus is a men's club for men. There is no requirement that you have a fetish, though fetish is the very basis of the club's association. There are events with a dress code where you are only allowed entry if you meet the conditions announced with the event.

The Board

See the pages in Danish.

Articles of Association (follow link)