About SLM-Aarhus

Originally, SLM-Aarhus was founded as a community for men who likes men, and are interested in motorcycles.

Since then it has evolved in many directions, and today SLM-Aarhus consists of many different things, both of a social and a more kinky nature.

Many people use the club as their regular venue, where they have a few beers and enjoy themselves with friends, either upstairs or downstairs in the Darkroom.
Other members mostly show up for the special events, where they participate in the theme nights that interest them.
Most members use it for a bit of both.

The entire club is run by volunteers, be it behind the bar, on the board, on the net and at major or minor events.

Every summer the club organizes a large party, called "Ragnarok" on an external location.
As our biggest event "Ragnarok" attracts a huge crowd from all over Europe, and beyond. In addition to "Ragnarok", we arrange 3-4 annual WTF (What The Fuck) fetish parties in the club. Concept is : Dresscode : any fetish. We start with dining around 19.00 for those who have reserved a seat, and at 22.00 the doors open for every geared up guy who wants to party. Always a fun night.
Christmas lunch is always a huge hit among the members, and the tickets are sold out fast. Furthermore, we always attend Aarhus Pride.

The calendar is a mix of ordinary Friday and Saturday Club Nights, with occasional theme nights of different sorts.
There are different groups in the club that organize their own events. All information about opening hours and events can be found in the calendar.

The groups are also a big part of SLM ...
As an example, we have a motorcycle group that organizes joint MC tours, a workshop group that makes their own fetish equipment, a group of guys for workwear, one for men for uniforms, one for people to FF and several others.
The different groups have their own mail groups that you can subscribe to, and therebycommunicate with other members with the same interest.
You can see an overview of the different groups below.

As SLM Aarhus is a union, membership is required to participate in all that the club offers.

Interest groups

SLM-Aarhus covers the following interest groups:

Group Status Description Newsgroup
MC - Biker very active Motorcycles, Trips and oil MC Gruppen
FF very active FIST FF Gruppen
Thors X very active Thursday Workshop: leather etc. Leather Workshop
GB - Gagged & Bound active SM Bondage Gagged & Bound
DBRF - Farmboys and Roughnecks inactive Workwear Bonderøvs Gruppen
GAA - Gay Army Aarhus inactive Military Combat North
Youth PT inactive Young guys under 30 U30

You must have a Google Account to sign up directly. If you do not have a Google Account, you can create one for free and alternatively forward the received mails to your primary email address.

If you would like help with the registration, please send an email with your wishes to the webmaster@slm-aarhus.dk - then we will help you get started.

Registration: follow the link in the table above - press "Join group"
Select: Email delivery preference -> "Notify me for every new message .."
Press "Join this group"

Once you are registered, you can post in the above groups and participate in the different threads.
Please be aware that the discussions are mainly in danish.
The groups are general and must be used as a tool in the communication between the members of the group.
Person to person discussions, dating etc. should be held in another forum.
We reserve the right to exclude group members if these guidelines are not followed - however, you can expect a warning before this happens.

Newsletter and mailgroups

Everyone - members as well as non-members can subscribe to SLM-Aarhus newsletter.
We send the Newsletter once a week with information about upcoming events and other relevant info.
We use Google Groups to distribute the email: Sign up here (opens new window).

Press "Join group"
Select: Email delivery preference --> "Notify me for every new message.."
Press "Join this group"