The MC/Biker Group

If you have a motorcycle you can join the club's MC activities. SLM-Aarhus organizes tours for members and other interested parties during the summer.

You can participate in the tours even if you are not a member of the club.

We have small trips a few times a month.
Usually Saturdays or Sundays but we also arrange weekendtrips around the country.
We usually arrange a trip abroad in the summer.
We have previously been to Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy and Norway.
In addition, we often attend MC-rallys and also various motorcycle fairs.

The tours are arranged by the members who list the tours on our mailing list - which everyone can sign up for. (see bottom of page).
Then you will receive ongoing information about our activities, in which you can sign up for the tours or get in touch with other Bikers in the club.

Some of our tours will aditionally be announced on this page.

We hope to see you in our group, and often we are able to offer you a backseat on our tours.

Sign up for MC group mail group: follow the link here - press "Join group"

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Press "Join this group"

Once you are registered, you can post and receive all posts sent.