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SLM Aarhus is the only gay venue in Aarhus exclusively for men.

SLM is originally a fetish club - a place where it is possible to live out your fetishes - we encourage flashing your gear, even if there’s no specific dress code. See more under the menu item "Fetish".

On nights with no dresscode you must be masculine appearing though.

That said, ALL men who are into men are welcome, and today SLM is much more than a fetish club. It is also a place where you can enjoy a beer or more with your friends and other guests.
Hygge is the concept - in a very broad sense. On regular club nights you will meet all kind of men and the bar-staff are always ready to give you a guided tour.

The darkroom is available if you get lucky or just want to cruise. In co-operation with the danish AIDS Foundation, there are always free condoms and lubricants available.

The bar is raw and inspiring and we have a large selection of beer, softdrinks and alcohol.

You must be a member to get access to SLM. You register at your first visit: You can choose between a guest card valid for 1 weekend or a B-membership valid for 3 months.It's fast and easy and your personal information is kept safe and confidential according to General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR).

As a member of SLM you accept the rules of discretion: what you see at SLM stays at SLM.

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