If you look up the dictionary, fetish is defined as being sexually aroused or stimulated by a particular thing or material

Fetish can be a lot of things but some of the most common are;


Everything from boots, jackets, leather, chaps, harness, gloves, collars, cuffs etc.


Latex clothes, raincoats, rubber boots, rainwear, waders, wet and dry suits, neoprene etc. Necklaces, cuffs, harness etc. are also available in rubber.


Military, police, firefighter or other types of masculine uniforms.


Workwear from different crafts, safety shoes, boots etc.


Boxer shorts, briefs, jockstraps, g-string and such in different materials and colors.


Football, handball, fitness, socks, sneakers and anything else you wear for sports.


Tight jeans, bleachers, camouflage pants, high snow boots, polo shirts, pilot jackets, braces and of course the shaved head if you dare ...


No special dress code, but typically lumberjack shirts and of course the beard and body hair and maybe a chubby body shape

In addition, there are lots of other fetishes. They can be a mix of the above or something completely different, third or fourth. Common to the kind of fetish found in SLM Aarhus is that it is in the masculine version. If your fetish is feminine, SLM Aarhus unfortunately is not the place for you.


Often, but far from always, people live out their fetishes along with some different sexual variants, for example;


To bind or being bound, ropes, chains, padlocks, mummification, cage etc. .


To rule or be ruled, be the dominant or the subject, be ordered or forced around, rules, control or compulsion.


To give or recieve pain. Getting sexually aroused by one or both. Often things like whips, clamps, melting wax or just using your own hand for spanking.


Fist Fucking Fist Fucking - anal stimulation through one or more hands.

Golden Shower

Sex where urine is the main theme. For example. pissing on head or in mouth or ass, on a nude or clothed body.


Role playing where the passive is anonymous and blindfolded and used as "mares" by the active, called "stallions", who then breeds the mare.

Pup play

A role play in which the submissive is trained, and often dressed as a dog. May be a pet or watchdog or just the kind of dog you want or be.

Again, the above are just examples, but they are also some of the themes we usually have scheduled throughout the year.

On regular bar nights there is no dress code. Ordinary masculine attire is sufficient, but we urge and appreciate that you flash your fetish gear. You have the option of changing into gear when you arrive, as we have lockers you can use.

In case of special events, the mentioned dress code for the event must be observed. For most dress code arrangements, naked will also be OK, but there may be events where it is not allowed. In that case, this will be announced on the website well in advance.

SLM Aarhus does not accept any forms of racist or Nazi emblems or symbols.

Along with, or as a replacement for fetish outfit, some people use different colored scarves to signal what they are. There are really many different color codes, but common to all of them is that if you wear the color on the left you are active and carry it to the right you are passive. If you carry it in the middle you are both active and passive, also called versatile.

There are many different color codes, but the most commonly used are: blue meaning anal sex, red meaning fist fucking, yellow meaning urine sex, black for SM and white meaning sperm. Nowadays, many now also use the colors for purely aesthetic reasons. If you are interested, you can find several listings of color codes online.