Pig Party

Saturday 18. February

Pig Party - this time with a barbecue in the yard and eating the pig inside.
Therefore, there are limited tickets - So buy before its too late!

We are of course looking to send the southern Spanish atmosphere to SLM at such an unheard of ridiculous price of just DKK 100
With the low price, we of course also hope that we can gather you for a social event, where everyone can join.

The club opens at 6pm and the food will be ready at 7pm

The club is open to other participants from 9pm, and it's of course okay to go in the basement and be a pig there.

The menu is on:

  • Pig Roast'
  • Creamy potato salad with chives and radish, flipped with fresh herbs.
  • Small baked potatoes flipped in butter and parsley
  • A green salad of the seasons
  • In addition, Bread and butter, Sauce and dressing